Excel charts in Aspose Slides

I need to create charts to place in a PowerPoint slide so that the charts can then be edited in PowerPoint by an end user.

That is, I’ll be using Aspose Slides to create the PowerPoint slides. The slides will contain charts (bar graphs to be specific). The end user wants to be able to open up the slides in PowerPoint and edit the charts by changing data values, modifying colors, etc… How do I go about doing this?

Dear Brian,

It is possible to insert editable excel chart as an OLE object. Please see this link.

Working with OLE Objects


Once you will insert the chart as an OLE object, it will show you an image “Object Changed” as discussed in the above article. The chart will only show, when you double click this image.

You would like to replace Object Changed image with the chart image and you can get the chart image with Aspose.Cells. Please see this link, you will find a code example there in .rar file.

Please also see this article to know how to replace Object Changed image with your own.

Object Changed Issue When Adding OleObjectFrame