Excel charts (native - not image) in Word files

Isnt it possible to imbed Excel charts into word files? For PowerPoint it is possible, and the Aspose.Cells support suggests it might be possible for word too - see below

amjad sahi> you may embed the graph into Slide using the API of Aspose.Slides
amjad sahi> first you will create the graph using Aspose.Cells
LaugeW> i see
amjad sahi> then embeds it to powerpoint slide using Aspose.Slides as an ole object
LaugeW> but this is only possible for aspsose.slides? as far as i understood it is not possible in aspose.word?
amjad sahi> or you may take the picture of the chart using Aspose.Cells api
amjad sahi> well you may take the image of the chart using aspose.Cells api
amjad sahi> and then paste the chart image into MS Word
amjad sahi> if you want
amjad sahi> Aspose.Cells supports chart to image feature
LaugeW> okay, so that will be the solution if i need the chart in word?
amjad sahi> check this
amjad sahi> https://docs.aspose.com/cells/net/chart-to-image/
LaugeW> we are working in java, but i assume the procecss is the same?
amjad sahi> yes
amjad sahi> almost same features are available in java version
amjad sahi> you may check the documenation of aspose.cells for java
amjad sahi> check this
amjad sahi> https://docs.aspose.com/cells/net/
amjad sahi> see the chart demos for java version
amjad sahi> https://demos.aspose.com/
amjad sahi> is there any other thing if i can be of any further help
amjad sahi> if you have further queries later, kindly do contact us via live chat or you may post a query in the forums with all the details
amjad sahi> we will help you soon.
amjad sahi> thanks
LaugeW> can you tell me why it is not possible to insert native charts in word?
LaugeW> why does it have to be an image?
amjad sahi> well if you could confirm us if this can be done manually using ole objects
amjad sahi> then i am sure you can do it i.e. inserting charts as ole object into ms word documents
amjad sahi> for further reference, do contact Aspose.Words for java team
LaugeW> hang on - i will try
LaugeW> it is possible to copy an excel chart directly
LaugeW> and paste it into a word fiel
LaugeW> file
LaugeW> no problem
amjad sahi> is it an ole object or image
LaugeW> it is an ole image
LaugeW> sorry
LaugeW> it is an ole object
LaugeW> i think
LaugeW> i can change the graph type from inside word
LaugeW> i can send you an example in email if you want?
amjad sahi> if it is an ole objct then Aspose.Words for Java must have the required api to do so
LaugeW> how can i see if it is an ole object
amjad sahi> wait let me check by myself
amjad sahi> yes it is possible
amjad sahi> i think you may contact Aspose.Words for Java team for this
LaugeW> they are offline :frowning:
amjad sahi> if Aspose.Slides for java provides such feature then Aspose.Words might have the same featrue
LaugeW> okay, i can try to ask them
amjad sahi> well you may try to contact them later
amjad sahi> or post a query in Aspose.Words forum
amjad sahi> yes sure


Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Words. I suppose you have already asked the same question yesterday in the live chat. Unfortunately, inserting new OLE objects into Word documents and updating existing OLE objects is not supported at the moment. Inserting an OLE object usually requires the host application and probably cannot be done by Aspose.Words.
What is supported is preserving OLE objects in documents. That is if you open an MS Word document and then save it (possibly in another MS Word format) then OLE objects are preserved. You can also access objects programmatically, extract their data and preview image. However, creating new OLE objects is not supported.
However, anyways we will consider adding such feature in the future. Your request has been linked to the appropriate issue. You will be notified as soon as it is resolved.
Best regards.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-1206) have been fixed in this .NET update and this Java update.

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