Excel crashes


A user is describing an issue with our “download to Excel” feature on our site that is causing his Excel to crash. He is running Excel 2000, Ver. 9.0xxxxx.

The user downloads a file from our site in Excel format and saves it to disk. He then opens the file and makes a change in the file contents. (In this case he deletes a column). He attempts to re-save the file, using the same file name, by clicking on the “Save File” icon in the Excel toolbar. At this point, an Excel error message appears, telling him that Excel is shutting down.

The code that downloads the file from the web uses the default file format:
xlw.Save(fileNameIn, Excel.SaveType.OpenInExcel, Excel.FileFormatType.Default, page.Response)

Any ideas?


That’s really very strange. Which version of Aspose.Excel are you using?
Could you send that file to me? I will investigate that.

Sorry for any inconvienence.


False alarm.

It turns out to be a problem only on that one client’s machine. His co-workers running same version of Excel did not have a problem.