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Excel Designer in Java Aspose.Cells?


I am currently in the process of evaluating Aspose.cells for the Java platform. I was wondering if support for smart markers and the "ExcelDesigner" class are planned for the Java version of your product.

Thanks in adavnce!

Anand Ramakrishnan


Now this feature is not supported . We will do it after 2 weeks. it will take about 3 weeks to make it.


We have supported this feature. Please try the new version 1.6.0.

Thanks, this is working.

A question: Is there any way to convert between WorkbookDesigner and Workbook without streaming the object?

We have several operations to perform, leveraging features in each of
those classes, with no apparent way for us to switch off except to
stream the object to and from disk.



You can get the internal Workbook object by WorkbookDesigner.getWorkbook method.

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