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Excel file from SmartMarker template .Process does not open correctly when importing to Access

I just noticed that for some reason a simple Excel file that has been created from a Smart Marker template file does not open properly when opened in Microsoft Access. However, if the same Excel file is opened and immediately saved in Excel it imports fine into Access.

Access does not ask for the worksheet and only displays the first column from the first worksheet when importing. I am using Excel 2003 and Access 2003. The version of Aspose.Excel.dll is

I have emailed the Excel files and additional information to your support email account.

//Tomi Blinnikka

Hi Tomi,

Do you mean when you use Acess to import data from files generated by Aspose.Excel, only the first column data are imported?

Please try the attached fix.

Yes, this is what I meant. Access does not even ask for the worksheet or show any other columns except the first one.

I tried the fix you attached, but I’m afraid it did not fix the problem.

//Tomi B.

I don’t have an idea about this problem. I think maybe MS Excel is more flexible to import a spreadsheet than MS Access.

Could you please try to directly export data in those file to Access with Aspose.Excel?

The program needs to transform an Excel file into another format to be imported manually later at our customer site.

The second update you just sent me, version, fixed the problem.

Thanks again for the really quick turnaround!

//Tomi B.