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Excel file to pdf converter fail in language Korean

Excel file to pdf converter fail in language Korean

I used source that

Workbook workbook = new Workbook(myDir + “Book1.xls”);

//Save the document in PDF format

workbook.save(myDir + “MyPdfFile.pdf”, SaveFormat.PDF);

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This is excel file in Korean

Hi there,

Thank you for considering Aspose products, and welcome to Aspose.Cells support forum.

First of all, we would suggest you to give our latest version of Aspose.Cells for Java a try on your end, as we have evaluated your presented scenario on our end, and was unable to see any problem. Please check the resultant PDF file as attached.

Moreover, please check if the fonts used in the spreadsheet are present on the machine where conversion is taking place. Please note, Aspose.Cells for Java API requires these fonts to render the results properly, and it is suggested that you should explicitly tell the API where to look for the fonts on your machine by using the CellsHelper.setFontDir method at the start of your application.

In case the problem persists, please provide us your environment details such as Operating System version, Operating System Architecture (32bit/64bit), JDK version etc in order to re-evaluate the problem.

Mac OS and Linux

I can use this source in windows

I can’t use this source in Mac os or Linux


Thank you for writing back.

As discussed earlier, your presented problem is more related to the availability of the required fonts on the machine where conversion is taking place. Please note. if Aspose.CellsvAPIs do not find the required fonts, the font in the spreadsheet will be substituted with another similar variant while rendering to PDF. In this case, it seems that Aspose.Cells does not find the appropriate font therefore the rendered text isn’t readable. We would suggest you again to please check the availability of the TTF used in the spreadsheet and pass the font location to API using the CellsHelper.setFontDir method.

Moreover, you have perhaps removed the sample spreadsheet from the thread. We will require it for further analysis so please either attach it to the thread (as the thread is private so no one but you and Aspose team has access to it) or send it through an email using the contact button on the post window.

We also require the Linux and/or MAC OS version details so we may try to replicate the scenario on our end to find a solution for this problem.