Excel formulas convert to PDF


I have an applicationt that is using your Excel component to create spreadsheets, then is converting those spreadsheets to PDF. Several of the cells in the spreadsheet have formulas, and when I convert to PDF, those cells are all zero.

The formulas are set using the following sample code: Cells[1,1].Formula = “=SUM(B1-C1)” (this is not my actual formula, simply the way I was setting the formula).

When I was creating the spreadsheet using the Microsoft Excel API, the values for the cells would be in the PDF, but there were other issues there.

I want to use your component to create the Excel file, because it’s MUCH faster, and it seems to convert to PDF much better (except for this formula problem, of course).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




Nevermind. I just had to call Excel.CalculateFormula() before I saved the XML file.

My bad!



I spoke too soon… My =SUM() formulas are showing fine in the PDF, but I have some other formulas that are are not - SUBTOTAL() does not show up in the PDF, and neither does some of more complicated ones that look like this -

Do you have any suggestions?