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Excel found unreadable content with SaveFormat.Xlsx


I am trying to use Aspose.Cells to export data.

I am currently using the release (8.4.0) for jdk 1.6 and I am facing an issue when I am using the method workbook.Save() with SaveFormat.Xlsx.

I attached the used file and here is a simple code to produce the issue.

private static final String MAQUETTE_DETAIL_OC = "/modeles/MaquetteDetailOC.xlsx";

String xlsOutStream = "C:\pacteo_reports_export\DETAIL_CLIENT_26606_2009-02-16_2009-02-28_1-1JH45F.xlsx";

InputStream docEnter = ReportPeriodiqueOCSousCommandeAS.class.getResourceAsStream(MAQUETTE_DETAIL_OC);

Workbook classeur = new Workbook(docEnter);

classeur.save(xlsOutStream, SaveFormat.XLSX);

Could you try to reproduce this behavior on your side ?and tell me if I did I do something wrong ?

Thank you for your help.


Hi Lakhdar,

Thank you for contacting Aspose support.

We have evaluated your presented scenario while using the latest version of Aspose.Cells for Java 8.5.1 and we are not able to replicate the said problem. The resultant spreadsheet (attached) can be loaded in Excel application without any warnings/errors.


Workbook book = new Workbook(“D:/MaquetteDetailOC.xlsx”);
book.save(“D:/output.xlsx”, SaveFormat.XLSX);

Hi Babar,

Thanks for your quick reply. Actually on our project we are using java 6. it’s not possible for me to use the proposed release.

Can you please help me to find out the reason of this issue on a java 6 based release?


Hi Lakhdar,

The presented problem is most probably caused due to some bug in the Aspose.Cells for Java 8.4.0 API, that has already been fixed as I am unable to replicate it on my side while using the latest revision 8.5.1. Please note, the latest release is compatible with Java 6 (JDK 1.6) as you may see only one JAR when release archive is extracted. Same JAR can also be used with JDK 1.7 & 1.8.

I would again suggest you to give the latest JAR a try on your side. In case you encounter any problem with latest release, we will surely help you to figure it out soon. Moreover, I will consult with the product team if we can find out the problem cause while using v8.4.0.