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Excel functions in different languages


I found out that Microsoft uses different excel function names in different languages. See this: for examples.

If a spreadsheet is created using the Spanish edition of Excel, using Spanish functions, would the Aspose calculation engine process correctly all the computations?

I would think that the functions are stored using some internal universal format and Aspose shouldn’t have any problem processing any edition. I haven’t tried it yet, but I would think that if I open in the English edition of Excel a spreadsheet created using the Spanish version, the function names are flipped to English.



Please see the document for your reference:

Thank you.

Based on my testing this works:

1. Create spreadsheet in Spanish using Spanish functions.
2. Open the spreadsheet in Aspose and re-calculate everything.

So,things are good.

I think the document that you sent me refers to setting formulas in a spreadsheet using Aspose and those formulas have to be specified in English. This is OK.

I was concerned about reading spreadsheets created in Excel in other languages than English.



Yes, the referred document mentions some instructions while setting formulas only. If you are reading values against formulas, it may still work for you.

Have a good day!