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Excel -> Image + Cell Coordinates

We need to export Excel Sheets to high resolution images that display all the rows and columns in large spreadsheets as a single image.

Hopefully the size of the image is not restricted by Microsoft's 22 inch printing width limit.

But what we also need to do is to export the value of each cell, and the coordinates of the box that borders of each cell in pixel coordinates relative to the pixel location within the image, to make the image searchable.

I see that I can create an image from xls using Aspose. And I see I can get the content of spreadsheet by getting each cell value.

What is not clear, is how we would get the pixel coordinates of each cell as it is being written to the image.

E.G. Row# Col# = Top, Left, Bottom, Right


We will get back to you soon if we can provide some information (in general) of internal working on how the pixel coordinates are rendered to draw image for SheetRender API.

Thank you.

Thanks for getting back to me Amjad.

We have tested your .cells SDK and it does create the images that we need for our app. Also getting the cell information by Excel Row and Column is a no brainer.

Does Aspose sell source code?

No. We do not sell the source code for our products.

You wrote:

"if we can provide some information (in general) of internal working"

So it would appear that you do not currently have a means to export, the pixel coordinates of the cell when the image is being generated. And since you to not supply source code, there is no way for us to inject the code that exports that information ourselves. Providing information about 'internal workings' with no interface, or no access to inject code would not be helpful.

Essentially what we require is an option that (if specified) makes a call to an external program or app with the information about the cell being written into the the .jpg) or exports a file (.csv or XML) with:

Excel Row#, Col#, Top, Left, Bottom, Right (in pixel coordinates) during the generation of a spreadsheet image. We would be able to get the content of the cells from your existing interface.

While based on our short trial, our preference would be to go with Aspose, until we hear back from you, we will continue have to explore a combination of other options like:

To get the coordinates that we require for our app.


Our continued research indicates that a possible solution is to go:

Excel -> PDF
Render One Pdf Page Per Excel Worksheet - Excel to Pdf Conversion

then get the coordinates of the text (though the cell would be preferred)
Search and Get Text from Pages of a PDF Document

and then
PDF -> Image

So far we could not find the Aspose method call that gets the bounding coordinates of a table cell from within a .pdf .

If we can’t get a solution for extracting the coordinates of a cell, during the creation of an image. Do you have a solution, similar to the above that coud get use what we are looking for user Aspose?


We have discussed this matter internally. We have come to conclusion that we may support (render x,y co-ordinates of cells to draw image by using some delegate function. But we can not start working on the feature right now.

I have logged your feature request with an id: CELLSNET-30028. Once we have any update, we will notify you here.

Thank you.

Could we get a definitive answer to this question (also posted in Ticket #340343)


We will provide a test version for the feature (to support your needs) before the end of this week.

Thanks for your patience!

Perfect! We will proceed to purchase it today; based on your commitment to work with us to provide that feature.