Excel to PDF Error - This is not a structured storage file


Hi there,

I am using your Aspose.Cells component (v to convert an excel document to PDF. This works ok for some documents however I am getting an error for others. The error occurs on method Aspose.Cells.Workbook.Open(string). The error information is as follows:

Error Message: This is not a structured storage file.
Error Source: Aspose.Cells
Error Target Site: Void .ctor(System.IO.BinaryReader)

The corresponding excel file is a valid file (attached).

Please advise on timescales for a fix.

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This file is not a native Excel file, but a tab-delimited text file. To open it, you should specify the file format:

workbook.Open(fileName, FileFormatType.TabDelimited);


Thanks for the info and prompt response.