Excel to Pdf formula display abnormal

I have a excel file created by WPS,lt contain formula, when i convert to pdf using Aspose.Cells,the formula display abnormal.
the version is Aspose.Cells for .Net
excel file:
92305.7z (6.0 KB)

pdf file:
92305.pdf (33.8 KB)

Please calculate formulas before saving pdf file for the cached value of the formulas in the template file are wrong.See following codes:
var workbook = new Workbook(dir + “92305.xls”);
//1,driectly call Workbook.CalculateFormula() method
// workbook.CalculateFormula();
//2,set PdfSaveOptions.CalculateFormula as true
PdfSaveOptions saveOptions = new PdfSaveOptions();
saveOptions.CalculateFormula = true;
workbook.Save(dir + @“dest.pdf”, saveOptions);
BTW, the value of “B5:C13” should be number, not string. It’s better that you can enter number to avoid unpredictable mistakes.