Excel to Web solution



I'm not a developer, rather, I'm a project manager looking for a solution. I'm in the process of creating a subscription based web site where the primary content to be delivered to subscribers will be from Excel. In all, there will pobably be over 100 individual spreadsheets involved. What I need to be able to do is:

1. Deliver the results of a spreadsheets to a web page

2. Allow subscribers to input their own parameters (there will only be two input fields)

3. Have the spreadsheet recalculate and redisplay the new results on the web page

4. Have all this happen in a secure environment where the original source code (the Excel spreadsheet) is protected as much as possible. I realise that nothing can ever be 100% secure but the closer the better.

5. If possible, prevent subscribers from saving the web page to their machines.

Is all this possible using your product? If so, what would be the best way of implementing the solution?




Will you application be developed on .NET platform or Java platform?

If on .NET platform, our components can server your need well.

You can try Aspose.Excel.Web. It's a web component to provide web pages similar to MS Excel. It can do 1,2,3,4 of your requirements. But requirement 5 cannot be done.

If on Java platform, you can try Aspose.Excel for Java. It can retrieve data from the spreadsheets but it cannot recalculate the results. And you need to develop your own web pages to show the data.


Hi Lawrence,

Thanks for that - it sounds promising. Is there a way of checking to see whether Aspose.Excel.Net will be able to read my spreadsheet properly?




You can download and evaluate them at :

Aspose.Excel for .NET : http://www.aspose.com/Downloads/Aspose.Excel/Default.aspx .

Aspose.Excel.Web: http://www.aspose.com/Downloads/Aspose.Excel.Web/Default.aspx .


Thanks again for that.

Is there a web programmer you could put me in touch with, perhaps here in Australia, that I could to further about this?




Hi Shyam,

Feel free to contact with me for any technical questions. Our team will support you very quickly. You can make private post here if you don't want to disclose any information.

Our online demos at http://www.aspose.com/Demos/ will also help you to evaluate those components.


Hi Laurence,

I'm a bit confused about how your product works. I've downloaded the demo version but there doesn't seem to be any icon to start the program. Is this a program that you can run, like Excel, and do everything inside it? Or do you need to work in code?




Hi Shyam,

Our demos are all asp.net applications. Click the url you can run the demos in your localhost.

Aspose.Excel is a component which can be used in a web application and a winform application. Aspose.Excel.Web is a web component and it can only be used in a web application.


Our online documentaion is placed in our wiki: http://www.aspose.com/Wiki/default.aspx .


Hi Laurence,

The program I'm interested in is Aspose.Excel.Web. When you say that it "is a web component and it can only be used in a web application", do you mean something like FrontPage? If so, how would I go about accessing it from FrontPage?




Hi Shyam,

Aspose.Excel.Web doesn't like FrontPage. It's similiar to web DataGrid control in .NET.