Excel with more than 256 columns

I use Aspose to create Excel reports. I need to create reports with more than 256 columns. I did not find a way to do that. From forum I found out that there is a fix for this problem. How could I download it? Please, write me to brudelson@abryssoft.com Thank you, Boris
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Thanks for your posting and considering Aspose.Cells.

XLS which is actually Excel 2003 format supports 256 columns but XLSX which is newer and Excel 2013 format supports thousands of columns. Therefore you should use XLSX format.

When you create a workbook object, it is by default created in XLS format, in order to create it in XLSX format, please see the following code and its comments for your reference.


//This will create workbook in XLS format

//which only supports 256

Workbook xlsWorkbook = new Workbook();

//This will create workbook in XLSX format

//which supports 16384 columns

Workbook xlsxWorkbook = new Workbook(FileFormatType.Xlsx);