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Exception - Aspose.Words.Range.UpdateFields


We're getting the following error when UpdateFields is called on a document. What I just needed to do is ensure that any date field on the document that is supposed to show current date (or date when document is generated) gets a value. Is there another simpler way to do it aside from using UpdateFields()?

Exception: at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.x82c8201fae256a59.x83bcdf1790545fdb() at Aspose.Words.Fields.Field.x42a25ae95099edb8(x5e36356bc92c609b x0f7b23d1c393aed9) at Aspose.Words.Fields.Field.x295cb4a1df7a5add(x5e36356bc92c609b x0f7b23d1c393aed9) at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.xfedf115fd9c03862.x4e3cfc222c92cda7(Field xe01ae93d9fe5a880, x5e36356bc92c609b x0f7b23d1c393aed9) at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.xfedf115fd9c03862.x4e3cfc222c92cda7(Field xe01ae93d9fe5a880) at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.xbf9ddf72e1283af9.x18dfca7c5fd2402f() at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.xfedf115fd9c03862.xdd6cf0348a23f220(xcf417e2db4fe9ed3 xe00c282e1a49fcfb) at xfbd1009a0cbb9842.xfedf115fd9c03862.x384c03e4298b53bf() at Aspose.Words.Range.UpdateFields() at Aspose.Words.Document.UpdateFields()

Hi Ronaldo,

Thanks for your inquiry. Regarding the exception while using Document.UpdateFields, please attach your input Word document here for testing. I will investigate the issue on my side and provide you more information.
or date when document is generated
Aspose.Words does not update Date fields automatically. However, you can get the document created time by using BuiltInDocumentProperties.CreatedTime property.