Exception Initializing Document Class

I’m trying to use Aspose.Words for Java and am receiving an exception when I try to init() the Document class. On a fresh server start, I initially receive: Invalid license signature. Please make sure the license file was not modified. However, after I refresh the page, I start receiving: Could not initialize class com.aspose.words.zzWh2

I know the jar file is loaded as I’m able to load the Document class (com.aspose.words.Document) and “dump” the information about the class itself and see the available methods, etc.

I’m using the latest and greatest version of the jar file (aspose-words-21.7.0-jdk17.jar), running on a Tomcat 9 environment (Lucee Server).

Thank you in advance!


Please share your license file ‘via private message’; and in order to send a private message with attachment, please click on my name and find “Message” button.

How to apply Aspose.Words License?

We will then investigate the issue with your license file on our end and provide you more information.


Hello! I don’t have a license file (that I know of anyways). I just downloaded the appropriate .jar file. I was under the understanding that I could try it out without a license key? Do I need to go ahead and get a trial key?

Thank you!


Your understanding is correct i.e. you can try Aspose.Words for Java without a License. To investigate this scenario further, we have logged a ticket in our issue tracking system with ID WORDSJAVA-2640. We will further look into the details of this problem and will keep you updated here on the status.

Fantastic! Thank you so much.

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The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSJAVA-2640) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for Java 21.9 update.