Exception: Invalid formula in


Hi Laurence,

with your new releases ( and I get errors creating my excelsheets.
The Exception says only: "Invalid formula"

With my code works fine, so this is a little bit rummy.

You have to remind, got these errors before and you changed code for me to allow spaces, “-”, “+” and some other chars in formulas, maybe this is gone away by cutting your code (new .dll is about 4kb smaller, so I’ll think you have cutted/optimized your code…)

Regards, Stefan!


Hi Stefan,

Yes, we optimized the code. Could you send me your template file and code to set formulas? Thanks for your help.


Hi Laurence,

the Exception comes from formulas in following format:

"=SUM(‘1 Mannheim Bericht 2’!C12)"

Regards, Stefan