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Exception when using NotesStorageFacility

Using the following code and Aspose.Email 19.11 (it did it in 19.10 too) I get an exception. All the NSF files I have tried it on are quite old (circa 2008) so that might be a factor.


		private static void IterateUsingAspose(string diskPath)
		using (var nsf = new NotesStorageFacility(diskPath))
			foreach (var eml in nsf.EnumerateMessages())



Message=Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.
at #=zlx_EBwCRJiaHW5IP8l1gMA8pnm5d.#=zeCTK8RYsdw17(Byte[] #=zddsGMuY=, Int32 #=zXhVXMy4=, #=zXuiFCJB8w0WtrZZeT_L9WKmjE8I$qk9utA== #=z9BBNnFM=)
at #=zlx_EBwCRJiaHW5IP8l1gMA8pnm5d.#=zs47TjwA=(Byte[] #=zN5VrMRI=, BinaryReader #=zsRtwXmY=, List`1 #=zF0UOxE2eRktt)
at #=zUbeY_exUIAbCvg6c7OwuIX7IVDRf.#=z8yl7gC8=(Int32 #=zIXhlN$WTiXxM, #=zTsQ3$szrdb9574aisJQjhzdNUnX4ORcjDA== #=zzjQm5xbBOHFB, BinaryReader #=zsRtwXmY=)
at #=zd5i4noQFy3unpAu23o$Orj6lA9BWx2xl1A==.#=z8yl7gC8=(Int32 #=zt8cGoNs=)
at #=zd5i4noQFy3unpAu23o$Orj6lA9BWx2xl1A==.#=zrN9tpOKenxzv.MoveNext()
at LotusNotesExtractor.Program.IterateUsingAspose(String diskPath) in C:\dev\edt\edt\Source\Utilities\LotusNotesExtractor\Program.cs:line 44
at LotusNotesExtractor.Program.Main(String[] args) in C:\dev\edt\edt\Source\Utilities\LotusNotesExtractor\Program.cs:line 25


Can you please share source file so that we may further investigate to help you out.

Here is a sample NSF which demonstrates the problem. This file is to be only used to identify and resolve the source of the exception. As soon as you have completed this investigation, please ensure that all copies of this file on your network are destroyed. (8.7 MB)


I have worked with the sample file shared by you and have been able to observe the issue specified. An issue with ID EMAILJAVA-34627 has been created in our issue tracking system to further investigate and resolve the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.

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Should that be EMAILNET rather than JAVA?


You are absolutely right. I have associated the thread with ticket EMAILNET-39668. We will share the notification with you once the issue will be addressed.