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Exception while converting stream to PdfFileInfo for password protected files

I am using Aspose.pdf version 20.4.0
This dll used for checking whether the PDF is password protected.

While converting the Stream to PdfFileInfo, i am getting below exception

PdfFileInfo is not initialized. Use constructors with parameters or properties for initialization. (Reason: Startxref not found)

I have used below code for checking the protected file and this is running in an API .net core 2.1 version .

     public static bool IsFilePasswordProtected(Stream stream, string extension, out string remarks)
        remarks = string.Empty;
        switch (extension)
            case pdf:
                PdfFileInfo pdfFileInfo = new PdfFileInfo(stream);
                bool hasPassword = pdfFileInfo.HasOpenPassword;
                remarks = hasPassword ? password_protected : "";
                return hasPassword;  
                return false;

Please let me know if more details required.


Can you please provide the source file that is reproducing the issue on your end and that we may verify on our end to help you further.