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Exchange and Form-Based Authentication - 440 Login Timeout

I am attempting to login to an Exchange 2010 server that is setup to use Form-Based Authentication using Aspose.Network

We are using the ExchangeClient class, and the server is set to an HTTPS address.

When we attempt to call the Send() method, we receive a System.Exception with the following message:

The remote server returned an error: (440) Login Timeout.

Any ideas on why that may be occurring, and any possible workarounds?



Thank you for inquiry.

With “Form based authentication” with Aspose.Network for .NET, do you mean that you are providing the username, password and domain as parameters like below, instead of using default network credentials?

NetworkCredential credential = new NetworkCredential(username, password, domain);
ExchangeWebServiceClient client = new ExchangeWebServiceClient(mailboxURI, credential);

In that case, could you please check

  1. The mailbox URI is correct. It is often in the form of "https://host-name/EWS/Exchange.asmx"
  2. Try executing the program directly on the Exchange Server if possible. It is to check whether there is a firewall blocking or other network issue.
Is this exception thrown on Send() only? Can you list the folders and messages using the same authentication?
Ok that was the problem, we were using "ExchangeClient" class ... I have switched this to use "ExchangeWebServiceClient" and changed the URI to be https://server//EWS/Exchange.asmx.

This resolved it ... thanks!