Exchange server functionality or smtp functionality?


I have been reading your documentation and I have a question regarding Exchange Server functionality, a little bit of background first:

We bought your for .net and the company is a government entity with thousands of employees, exchange servers, firewalls, etc… The goal is to send Mass-emails to registered customers (not the employees) but with each email having different content. But also to send Confirmation-emails, one at a time, to be send from our web site to new registrations, and at the time of the registration, to customers that choose an email-opted-in option, But also mass emails will be send later on to those email-opted-in customers, keeping in mind that the mass email will actually have content customized (mail merged) to each particular recipient.

I have run several tests utilizing your recommendations here, but all of them have been utilizing your SMTP functionality. The questions I have are:

1. what is the recommended way for a case similar to our particular case, Should I utilize (a) your Exchange server functionality or (b) your SMTP functionality? or should I go on with SMTP.
2. If you recommend exchange server then where are the most complete examples for utilizing your exchange server functionality.
3. Also the idea is to utilize entity framework classes and objects as opposed to data tables, etc.I posted this last question separately looking for your examples utilizing entity framework.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Luis,

Following are the comments against each query:


As replied to your query [here]( please try SmtpClient for your requirements.


Although in your case SmtpClient is suggested as given above, however you may please visit following links to get working examples of Exchange Server.

Working with Exchange EWS Client
Send email messages using exchange server


As replied to your another query here**, we are afraid that no such mechanism is available which can use Entity framework.

Please write us back in case you have any other query in this regard.

** for .net bulksend and mailmerge utilzing Entity Framework