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ExchangeAdvancedSyntaxMailQuery filter subject by partial phrase


I’m trying to use ExchangeAdvancedSyntaxMailQuery, and I have a scenario where I need to query emails that contains a phrase.
In my Inbox I have the following email subjects:
“Test321 - OptionOne”
“Test321 - OptionTwo”
I query by “Test321 - Option” and get will like to get those 2 “Test321 - OptionOne” and “Test321 - OptionTwo”.

while doing so at first I didn’t enclose the phrase in quotation marks and got any email contaning subject with either “Test321” or “Option” so all 3 mails returns as result.
then I enclose the phrase in quotation marks but don’t get any result, is there a way doing it?

also, I tried using ExchangeAdvancedSyntaxQueryBuilder but it seems to have a bug and query only by the first word, meaning if I search by “Test321 - OptionOne” it actually search by “Test321”.



I would request you to please provide a working sample example reproducing the issue on your end. We will try to investigate the same to assist you further based on provided information.