Execute VBA code without opening excel?


I have a web app using Aspose.Cells that allows data entry to SQL Server via Excel templates. For a given user there is a similarly named group of spreadsheets created dynamically (123_template1.xls, 123_template2.xls, 123_template3.xls...) Some of these templates use VBA code to compare values in other templates. I would like to be able to excecute any VBA code in all templates whenever any template gets modified and saved, and I'd like to do it without opening each template to the user every time.

I thought about opening each in sequence in a hidden frame, but for other reasons I have to force excel to open in Excel instead of the browser so frames won't work.

Is there a programmatic way with Aspose.Cells to accomplish the execution of VBA code in a remote file given the file's path?

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Aspose.Cells just supports to preserve VBA/macros. It doesn’t support to execute them.