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ExecuteMergeWithRegions problem

I'm running into a problem when I call the ExecuteMergeWithRegions(dataset) method if the same merge field is in more than one region. The merge runs without error, but some extra text - random characters such as p"|f+E' - are added before or after the fields in question.

Could you please advise? We're using version of Aspose.Word.

Read the top of the document!!

Its the TRIAL WATERMAKRS !! :wink:


Hello Pat,

I could be mistaken, but I don't believe that the problem is due to the TRIAL WATERMAKRS (sic).

I'm attaching a zip file that includes a test project that demonstrates the problem. I've included the Word document with merge fields. Could you please have a look and let me know if you experience the same problem?



Hello Todd,

Your test project somehow failed to be attached. Please reattach it and I will have a look.

Ok, I’ve renamed the zip file with a “.zzz” extension.

You are not activating license in your project and as a result you got garbage text in random places exactly as described in

I am attaching document mailmerged with license activated.