Export a PowerPoint Presentation to a Video and Preserve Animations in C#


We are currently evaluating Aspose Slides for .NET. because we are looking for a way to programmatically navigate through the slides of a PPT. (imagine end-user clicking or button on a UI, and somewhere on the screen is the PPT, displaying the next or prev slide).

We see that Aspose allows us to convert a PPT file into individual JPGs. With JPGs, we can programmatically display each JPG one at a time. This is great and gets us 95% there. However, this is not ideal as we would have lost the animation that may exist in a PPT.

To include animations - we were thinking if the Aspose api can help with the following:

1) export a PPT into some video (similar to the end-user option in MS PPT to export to a video) - where the video represents a slide show navigation through the PPT deck with a fixed interval between slides.
2) provide metadata that tells us the timestamps within that exported video that represent when a slide or animation begins.

With this approach, we would be able to traverse playing the video, and stopping at each designated timestamp and thus preserve the animation.

Is this something that is doable in Aspose? If its technically doable, but not available in the current release, would this be a candidate for a custom build? Or is there a better approach?


Hi Ed,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

We are investigating your requirements and we will get back to you with our findings soon.

Best Regards,
Hi Ed,

I have observed your comments and like to share with you that if you export a presentation to ppsx file then does not it fulfill all your requirements that you have mentioned. Please try converting a sample pptx with animations, to a ppsx file and then share your kind feedback with us so that we may try to investigate other possibilities as per your feedback.

Best Regards,

Hi Adnan,

I believe PPSX is simply a read only version of PPTX, correct?

If so, I don’t believe that will help me. Let me try to explain. I’m trying to simulate playing a slideshow for a PPT/PPTX without actually using a PPT/PPTX viewer/renderer. A user of my application would press a button to navigate the slides of the simulated slideshow.

Because the PPT/PPTX may have animation, I am hoping to be able to convert the PPT/PPTX into a video. However, I would need additional metadata to know which time position in the video to programmatically seek to when the user presses the button.

Does that make sense? If Aspose.Slides doesn’t support any api to help me with this, would there be the possibility to contract a custom build?

thanks for your help!

Hi Ed,

I have observed the requirements shared and regret to share that at present the support for exporting presentation with animation to video or an swf file that is covering every animation step is unavailable in Aspose.Slides. An issue with ID SLIDESNET-36753 has already been added in our issue tracking system as new feature request to provide the requested support. This thread has been linked with the issue so that we may share the notification with you once the support will be available.

Many Thanks,

Thanks for your response. Is there a contact at Aspose who I can reach out to discuss the possibility of contracting out a custom build that would include such a feature?

thanks again.

Hi Ed,

I like to share that you can contact our sales team or our business team in Aspose.Purchase forum for your further guidance in this regard.

Many Thanks,

Hi Mudassir,

I would like to know whether Aspose, in its latest version have added support for converting pptx/ppt to video or swf with animations.

If not yet, then kindly let us know when we can expect the same from Aspose support.


Hi Roj Prasad,

I like to share that the requested feature support is one complex implementation and has not yet been made available in existing coming product releases. I have requested our product team to share their implementation plans in this regard and will apprise you as soon as feedback will be shared.

Many Thanks,

any updates? I need an Mp4 file exported. I am currently having to interact with PowerPoint to do this…


I have verified from our issue tracking system and regret to share that the requested feature is still not available in API. We will share the good news with you as soon as the support will be available in API.


Any update about the ability to MP4 export of a PowerPoint in the API?

Welcome to our community! Thank you for your question. I requested plans for this feature from our development team. I will let you know as soon as possible.

Could you please clarify, are your requirements the same as the ones described here and here?

Yes, indeed. The requirement is to convert the PPTX to MP4 just like the feature in PowerPoint itself.

Thank you for clarifying. I will inform you of any news.

Thank you for your patience. According to preliminary planning, this feature will be implemented in Aspose.Slides 21.12 or later.

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Can I do this anymore?
It seems that there is no mp4 in Output?

As far as I can see, the feature will be included in Aspose.Slides 22.11. This release will be published soon (the second half of November).

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