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Export custom bullets to HTML

According to:


Custom bullets in Lists are supported. What exactly does that include? Word has a lot of custom bullets ( Checkmarks, arrows, etc. ) that aspose is unable to export to HTML. Is there a more specific list of what Aspose is capable of?

Thank you for your inquiry.
Unfortunately picture bullets are not supported in conversion to HTML. All standard bullets are currently output as type =“disc”. I’m sorry for misinformation in that file. Most probably this “plus” was added by overlook when we supported picture bullets in PDF export.
Please let us know what kind of bullets is necessary for you. At least we should start distinguishing three predefined HTML glyphs: disc, circle and square. Next we plan to support picture bullets.
We have several known issues in our defect database related to bullets:
#4209 – Support picture bullets in HTML.
#3043 – Consider using list-style, list-style-type, list-style-image, list-style-position CSS attributes.
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Hello again.
I found that three standard bullets (disc, circle, square) are supported but they are output only if specified at whole list level, not for individual items. We’ll think how to fix this. Most probably you have equally formatted items in your lists. That should be okay.
As an example please see the attachment. Here is a test document and result of its conversion.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 4209) have been fixed in this update.

We have some documents that use some Windings symbols as their bullets. Is there any chance these could be outputted to HTML?


Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please attach your document here for testing? I will investigate the problem on my side and provide you more information.
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Sample document attached



Thank you for additional information. Most likely you are viewing your HTML in Firefox. But the Firefox cannot display Wingding character properly (this is known bug in FF). If you open your HTML using Internet Explorer the document will look fine.
Bets regards,

Aha! Indeed, thank you very much. Opening in IE displays the proper bullet but does not in FF.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-1170) have been fixed in this .NET update and this Java update.

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