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Export facility for excel chart

We would be interested in using your Aspose.Excel product but we need an export to gif (or other image format) facility. I noticed that your Aspose.Chart product already provides this functionality. Is this something that is planned for Aspose.Excel in the near future?

Dear Andre,

Good question.

1. Currently Aspose.Excel can not export charts in Excel spreadsheets yet.
2. Aspose.Chart can not be used for this purpose as its object model is totally different from MSChart object model, that is utilised in Microsoft Excel charting.
3. We will make Aspose.MSChart for this purpose.
4. Hopefully Aspose.MSChart can be available in 6 months. So can you be patient to wait for it?
5. Do you need import charts created with MSChart into Excel spreadsheets?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

No we don’t need the import facility. We use the export facility to generate a gif file that we include in an HTML page. The chart comes from a pre-existing excel spreadsheet. We currently do this using Microsoft Excel through COM but we want to replace Microsoft Excel with a proper .NET component. So far the Aspose.Excel component seems like the best candidate except that it does not support the chart export.

Might there be a temporary solution that could resolve our problem?

Dear Andre,

Sorry for not replying earlier.

As the chart is in your pre-existing spreadsheet, can you export the chart in Microsoft Excel by hand? For example, use a screen capturing program to capture the chart then produce a gif file.