Export formats not rendering after install

I am on a SQL server 2008R2 box, running SSRS 2008 R2 locally. I had aspose slides for reporting services working fine before. I tried to uprade to the newest MSI (4.1) and now I cannot get the export formats options to show in SSRS.

I have verified that the DLL is in the bin forlder.

I have also verified that the rsreportserver.config file has the right extension names. I also verified that other parts of this render file are working…I set the word format to visible=“false” and it no longer showed up. Removed the visible parameter and it was back, so I know I am using the correct file and area for the renders.

I verified that the rssrvpolicy.config file has the correct code group. I even restored an old version of this file from when it was working, and the options still are not showing up.

I have spent a few hours on this and I am at wit’s end trying to figure out why the options won’t show up.

Please help!

Hi William,

Thank you for the details.

Well, it seems very strange that all the parameters are proper and still you are unable to see the export options. I would suggest you to go through the re-installation process once again by following the details in the below mentioned link.


In case you still face the same issue, please share your system environment details with rssrvpolicy.config and rsreportserver.config with us. We will further check the issue on our end based on the details you share.

Thanks & Regards,

I still haven’t figured out what is going on with the MSI installer, but here is what I did to eventually get it to work:

I had an old version on another server that worked. I copied the applicable lines from <span style=“font-family: “Tahoma”,“sans-serif”; font-size: 10pt;”>rssrvpolicy.config and rsreportserver.config and the .dll and .lic file and put them in the proper locations. This worked. I then replaced the .dll file with the 4.10 dll and this did the trick.


Hi Bill,

We really appreciate the effort performed on your end and finally getting things done on your end. Please keep using Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services and in case of any issue feel free to share with us. We will be glad to help you further in this regard.

Many Thanks,