Export to HTML with filters

When I convert Excel to HTML and I have AutoFilters or Pivot Table with filters set, the filters as dropdowns do not get exported in HTML.

Please zip your template Excel file and attach it, we will check your issue soon.

Here is the files.
files.zip (20.5 KB)

Even though it shows in HTML the cell as <a name="_FilterDatabase">, it does not create a link or a dropdown in the final HTML code.

Also below is the code.
Dim filename = “Simplefilter.xlsx”
Dim sourcefilepath = “C:” & filename
Dim targetfilepath = “C:” & filename
Dim workbook As Workbook = New Workbook(sourcefilepath)
Dim options As Aspose.Cells.HtmlSaveOptions = New Aspose.Cells.HtmlSaveOptions()
workbook.Save(targetfilepath & “-output.html”, options)

The template file SimpleFilter.xlsx is converted to HTML using MS Excel 365 and compared with the output generated by Aspose.Cells. No difference is observed and similar output is generated by Aspose.Cells. You may please perform this conversion using MS Excel and if find any difference while comparing with the output generated by Aspose.Cells, please share the details with us. We will reproduce the scenario here and share our feedback accordingly.