Export with Layout issue


For our project with SSRS 2008R2, we need a PowerPoint export.
We are interested by your product but the export result is not conclusive due to following point:

· Graph export in PowerPoint is indistinct
· Table border are not clean: cross appear
· Double line are not reproduced. It seem as one big line
· Dotted line seem as a solid line

Do you have fix to correct these issues?
We tried your Excel and Word exports too, but they don’t keep the header nor the footer.

Best Regard

Hi Brunov,

I have observed the requirements shared by you and would appreciate if you may please share the sample report using Adventure Works as data source for further investigation on our end. Please also share the report output presentation by highlighting the issues incurring. Please also share the TIFF image of the report for cross reference.

Many Thanks,