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Export XPS with PrintTicket Information using Aspose.Page for .NET

Other Aspose components export XPS that contains PrintTicket information. What support is there for PrintTickets within Aspose.XPS?


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Please note that this version of the API is very first release and supports construction and editing features of XPS documents. Since PrintTicket information does not include in these scenario, the support for it is not available at the moment. However, we have plans to include the support in Aspose.XPS API future versions/releases. A feature request as XPSNET-14 is already logged in our issue tracking system and has been attached to this thread. We will let you know as soon as the support is available. Please spare us little time.

If I open an existing XPS file that already contains PrintTickets using the current release of Aspose.XPS and modify some of the content, will the PrintTickets be preserved? Or will they be removed when I save the modified XPS back to disk?


As support for PrintTickets is not included in recent version of the API, so it will not be preserved while saving any new or existing XPS document. As soon as the support is available, we will surely inform you. Please spare us little time.

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We are pleased to inform you that earlier logged feature request (filed as XPSNET-14) has been implemented in Aspose.XPS for .NET 18.8.

Thanks for the rapid turnaround on this.

Can you confirm that 18.8 will preserve PrintTickets that already exist within XPS content, but still offers no way of modifying or creating new PrintTickets?

Also, is there any way of opening an existing XPS file, creating a new FixedPage then associating it with an existing PrintTicket already in the XPS file?


Thanks for your feedback.

At present, only support to preserve PrintTickets has been added. As PrintTickets feature is based upon long specifications, we need more time to implement features of modifying and creating new PrintTickets. The task is already in progress and we will let you know in case of further updates.

We have logged these details along with the logged ticket and will surely let you know about our feedback as soon as investigation is completed. Please spare us little time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello, I’m hopeful that this new product will help with the performance issues we’ve had printing pdf’s generated by Aspose to network printers.

Is there anyway that a pdf saved as an xps can be set to print in duplex mode? Is this something that we have to wait until the functionality to create a new print ticket exists?

Currently it takes around 60 seconds to print a pdf to a network printer (that isn’t installed locally) via the Aspose PdfViewer. (We’ve tried both the viewer.PrintDocumentWithSettings and the viewer.PrintLargePdf methods.

It would be great if we could use Aspose.Xps to speed up the printing, but we must be able to print in duplex mode. Here’s a link to that open ticket.



Thanks for contacting support.

The feature to support Print Tickets in XPS Documents is still under development and it will definitely be completely available in future releases of the API. We have recorded your concerns and noted your particular intentions. We will definitely look into your requirements and share our feedback with you. Please be patient and spare us little time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


We would like to share with you that from Aspose.XPS for .NET v18.11, you can try following code to make your printer print an XPS document in duplex mode:

doc.JobPrintTicket = new JobPrintTicket(JobFeature.JobDuplexAllDocumentsContiguously.TwoSidedLongEdge);


doc.JobPrintTicket = new JobPrintTicket(JobFeature.JobDuplexAllDocumentsContiguously.TwoSidedShortEdge);

depending on the page flip method. In case of any further assistance, please feel free to let us know.