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ExportDataTable() problems with timestamps


I have a problem when importing a excel file with ExportDataTable(). Some of the cells on our worksheet have timestamps in 24h format, such as 20:00:00. When running ExportDataTable() the resulting DataTable contains a string with “08:00”.
Now when trying to convert that value to a DateTime, it is 8 am, isntead of 8 pm.

When I call the DateTimeValue property for that cell, it returns a correct DateTime object with the correct time portion. But StringValue returns “08:00”.

This seems to be a bug! Can somebody please help?

Hi Michael,

Have your tried the latest hotfix at If yes, could you please upload your file here? I will check it ASAP.

Hi Laurence,

thanks for your reply. Yes I’ve tried it with the same effects. I’ve uploaded the sample file here.

Please download and try v2.9.5 at

Hi Laurence,

thanks, that solved the problem.