ExportDataTableAsString - problem with date format


My name is Meny Duek and I’m a development manager in Eyeblaster company (Israel).

Currently we have the following problem when using Aspose:

When using ExportDataTableAsString() on the enclosed excel file, we are getting wrong date format in the returned DataTable.

If you look into the ‘format cell’ of this cell, you find out that in its ‘Number’ tab it appears as Date, “*14/03/2001”. The issue here is that this cell date format marked with ‘*****’.

In this example we are getting in the DataTable '02/23/2008’ instead of '23/02/2008’.

If I change the date format to “14/03/2001” instead of *14/03/2001” – it works fine.

This issue currently causes us a severe production problem, I’ll be grateful if you can resolve this issue as soon as possible.



Hi Meny,

The format of this cells is related to windows regional settings. In my machine, it shows 2008-2-23 and Aspose.Cells shows it in same format.

I use the following test code:

Workbook wb = new Workbook();

Please try this attached fix.