Exported E-Mails and SharePoint


We are using Aspose.Network for .Net to export e-mails from Exchange to the Fileserver and convert them from .eml to .msg.

Our problem is that when we upload the .msg file to SharePoint the indexer cannot find the attachements. However if we drag and drop the same e-mail directly from Outlook to SharePoint it does find the attachements.

Any ideas, what tag we are forgetting to set or where the problem could lay?



Hi Rosa,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Most probably, the reason that indexer could not find the attachments is, when you convert .eml to .msg, the attachments appear as embedded attachments in the msg file. It is a known issue with Aspose.Network and is logged in our bug tracking system. We will post it here when it gets resolved.

Hi Saqib,

Thanks for the answer.
I look forward to hearing from you when the issue is resolved.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as 14159;10521) have been fixed in [this update ](http://www.aspose.com/community/files/51/.net-components/aspose.network-for-.net/entry224476.aspx).

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