Just checking if Images has a similar property as this:

Images writes out the SDK’s info to the saved files? If so how to control and customize?
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Hello, @australian.dev.nerds ,
As for TIFF ang JPEG you can add/edit ExifProperties.Software tags into ExifData:
As for other raster image formats like APNG/PNG,GIF, DICOM, PSD including JPEG/JP2000 and TIFF, you can add/edit XMP data:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, I mean if we don’t set any of the above, Aspose Imaging itself will set anything on its own?

@australian.dev.nerds , EXIF and XMP are left unchanged by default.

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On this page:

In the front of Tiff and Big Tiff there are asterisk marks * with no footer notes, is there any special note or limitation about them which is missing here?
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@australian.dev.nerds , I think it is rather a specification version emphasis than any restriction.