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Exporting Images to Excel

We are looking at dumping our current WinForms spreadsheet control in favor of Aspose.Grid.Desktop, but we ran across an issue that might be a show-stopper: we need to be able to export images from the grid to Excel, but can’t figure out how to make that work in Aspose.

Can anyone shed light on whether this is currently supported or will be supported in the near future?

We will support this feature in next release version.

Thank you, that is excellent news! Do you have a rough time frame (weeks, months) for when this will be available?

We will release a hot fix in next week.

This feature is added in Aspose.Grid.Desktop. Please try this attached fix.

It's great! Now it can save image to excel, but it can't open excel files with images.

Currently loading images in Excel files is not supported.