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Exporting to visio - layout options works only on first page

I’m exporting chart in Microsoft Visio using layoutOptions to layout nodes in diagram. Parent node connection point is right, child node connection point is left.

Nodes are added with command

**rectangleID = diagram.AddShape(0, 0, 2, 0.6, rectangleMaster, pageNum)**

**Dim shape As Shape = diagram.Pages(pageNum).Shapes.GetShape(rectangleID)**

so as you can see, pinX and pinY of each node is set to 0 becase I’m intending to use layoutOptions later to arrange them.

I am using compactTree layout, direction is RightThenDown

**Dim treeLayoutOptions As New LayoutOptions()**

**treeLayoutOptions.LayoutStyle = LayoutStyle.CompactTree**

**treeLayoutOptions.EnlargePage = True**

**treeLayoutOptions.Direction = LayoutDirection.RightThenDown**

And applying this layout afted all nodes are added


I even tried applying layout for each specific page but the result was the same

For Each p As Page In diagram.Pages



And this is what the first page looks like


(notice that connection points for each node is changed, it is no longer right (parent) and left (child) - it doesn’t change them if I don’t use any layout option)

This is what the second page looks like


you would think that it looks good but there are more nodes here, it’s just they are behind these visible nodes. When I format this page in Microsoft visio using Right Then Down layout option, i get this


Hi Željko,

Thank you for contacting support. Please attach your complete source code or sample project along with the stencil file. We’ll take a close look and answer you accordingly.

I have made a sample project demonstrating this issue.

You just have to include Aspose.Total.lic file and put it where the exe file is.

Hi Željko,

Thank you for sharing sample project. Your sample project does not build second page of the diagram as narrated in the screenshot. Anyway, we tested your first page and managed to reproduce the problem of changed connection points. We have logged this issue under ticket id DIAGRAMNET-50412 in our issue tracking system. Your post has also been linked to this issue. We’ll keep you informed regarding any available updates. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Do you have any issue on the second page? I asked because based on your screen shots, shapes layout on the second page looks perfect to me and the forum thread title has confusion on this.

This is the exact problem I am having when exporting with provided visual studio sample project

second page: http://s30.postimg.org/3ugyci1xb/output.png

third page: http://s14.postimg.org/9gbevzy68/output2.jpg

and you don’t have this problem?

Hi Željko,

Thank you for the clarification. We could notice that the Layout method of Diagram class does not work properly. We have logged this issue under ticket id DIAGRAMNET-50413 in our issue tracking system. We’ll let you know once a significant progress has been made in this regard. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.


I was just wondering is there an estimated time when these issues will be fixed? With current bugs I’m unable to use exporting to visio and it would be much appreciated if you could fix it soon.

Thank you.

Hi Željko,

Thank you for asking about an update. Unfortunately, these issues are pending for the analysis and not resolved yet. We have asked the responsible product team member to take a look at your issue shortly. We’ll let you know once an update is available from him.


It’s been over 7 months since you logged this issue. Do you have any update regarding these issues?

Hi Željko,

Thank you for asking about the resolution. We have escalated this issue to our product team lead. These issues seem a bit more complex than usual cases. However, we’ll get back to you soon once a response is available from him. Please spare us a little time.

Hi Željko,

Thank you for being patient. We have received a response from our product team. They have plans to resolve the issue ids DIAGRAMNET-50412 and DIAGRAMNET-50413 in the next version 5.9.0 of the Aspose.Diagram for .NET API. It depends if everything goes by plans. Please stay tuned and spare us a little time.

Hi Željko,

Thank you for being patient. We have a good news for you that the issue ids DIAGRAMNET-50412 and DIAGRAMNET-50413 have now been resolved. If there is no issue in the QA phase, then their fixes will be included in the next version of Aspose.Diagram for .NET 5.9.0. We’ll inform you via this forum thread as soon as the new release is published.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as DIAGRAMNET-50412;DIAGRAMNET-50413) have been fixed in Aspose.Diagram for .NET 5.9.0.

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