Expose ProgID in OleObject

Currently Aspose.Cells exposes the type of an object via the FileType property.

I would like to put in a feature request for Aspose.Cells to also expose the original ProgID of the OLE attachment. This is very essential for my usage of Aspose.Cells (filtering OLE objects based on their type). The current OleFileType does not provide enough detail for me to filter the OLE objects.

The ProgID property would only need to be read only. I do not need to set this property.


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Your requested feature has been registered in our issue tracking system with issue id CELLSNET-12719. We will provide this API soon as per your requirement.

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Please try the attached version.
We have made the OleObject.ProgID property publicly available for the users.

Thank you

Wow, thanks for the fantastically quick response! Very impressed!

I’ve trialed the version of Aspose.Cells you attached with some success. The ProgID property is accessible, but the values are not what I was expecting. Below is a list of actual vs. expected values.

Actual -> Expected
Worksheet -> excel.sheet.7
Acrobat Document -> acroexch.document
Presentation -> powerpoint.show.7
Document -> word.document.7

Is there a field (other than ProgID) that contains this information that could be expected in addition to the recently exposed ProgID? The recently exposed ProgID seems to be populated with something resembling Program name.

Many thanks in advance.


Thank you for the feedback.

We will further look into it and get back to you soon.

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We could not find such fields which contain this information in the file. Could you show us a file which contains such information? Could you explain more what you want to do with such information? We will check whether we can provide another way to fit your need.

Thank you.


I do not have a file that contains the fields. I was hoping that because similar fields/values are accessible via Aspose.Words and Aspose.Slides that they would also be available in Aspose.Cells.

This field is used to filter OLE embedded files in spreadsheets. I have developed logic based on values gathered in Aspose.Words and Aspose.Slides for ProgID; this logic needs to be applied to spreadsheets.


After closely checking this issue, we find:

1)The ProgID is same as you mentioned (excel.sheet.X) in MS Word and MS Slide If you are using MS Office 2002, “X” is 7.
If you are using MS Office 2003, “X” is 8.

2)The ProgID in MS Excel is simple as the result (Worksheet) of Aspose.Cells for .NET.

So we could not provide the ProgID which fits for MS Word and MS Slide.
Now, could you convert OleFileType to those ProgIDs?
For example:
switch (workbook.Worksheets[0].OleObjects[0].FileType)
case OleFileType.Doc:
return “word.document.8”;
case OleFileType.Pdf:
return “acroexch.document”;
case OleFileType.Ppt:
return “powerpoint.show.8”;
case OleFileType.Xls:
return “excel.sheet.8”;
If you need more file format types, please list them , we will check whether we can provide them.

Thank you.

Hey! Thanks for the reply.

After performing some more thorough testing on a larger set of excel files, I’ve discovered the ProgID field does contain values that I expect.

The small set I was testing on initially contained values I have not encountered in the other Aspose components.

Thanks for your continued support and quick response times on our initial request!