Hi I am having trouble getting COM to work
with my asp.net page vb.net03

I need to create a page where a user
can select a .xls file on their local
machine and have the page collect
the data from each row, run data
through a matrix and write new line
to csv file with appended data.

Will express serve my needs? Too
much for full, although would like
to upgrade sometime. Is that possible?

Thank You,



Hi Paul,

I don’t clearly understand your need. Could you elaborate it?

1. Your web pages are built on .Net and can work well with Aspose.Excel.Express. Why to use COM?

2. Do you mean your user can edit data on a web page and can upload xls file from their client machine? Then you program can append data from that page to the xls file. Finally your program save the file as CSV file.

If all data can correspond to pre-defined smart markers in the file, Aspose.Excel.Express can serve your need. Otherwise, you have to use Aspose.Excel.