Extract chunks from PDF pages based on properties

I have a PDF file with multiple pages, requirement is to extract chunk of pages based on properties. Example if there are 3 records in that page, I need to extract these 3 records as Image based on text/properties etc.
image.png (130.2 KB)


You can extract text from particular page section using Aspose.PDF. Pleas read the following article for more detail.
Extract Text from a particular page region

@tahir.manzoor Thank you Tahir, I need to cut the pages in multiple chunks based on some properties. Do you know the best possible way to achieve this using aspose.


Could you please attach your sample PDF along with expected output? We will then provide you more information on it.

@tahir.manzoor Thanks Tahir, Here is the sample pdf attached.
Expected output also attached.

SamplePDF.pdf (203.9 KB)

output (1).png (52.8 KB)

below 3 chuncks are for same record (from page1 and page2)
output (2.1).png (4.3 KB)
output (2.2).png (63.2 KB)
output (2.3).png (2.9 KB)

output (3).png (73.9 KB)


You can use the code example shared in the suggested article here:

The TextSearchOptions.Rectangle property takes a Rectangle object as a value and using this property, you can specify the region of the page from which we need to extract the text.