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Extract content from bookmark throws exception using Java

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Hi Greetings,

My organization uses aspose to manipulate word documents. Whenever we upgrade Aspose facing annoying issues and required more time to troubleshoot as well as implement some work-around to avoid any business interruption. This is also a similar kind of issue but I would hear some good approach from Aspose side. During extracting content from Bookmark using below code, Aspose throws an exception ( current version : aspose-words-20.4-jdk16)

Java Code : https://docs.aspose.com/words/java/extract-selected-content-between-nodes/

CompositeNode cloneNode = (CompositeNode) currNode.deepClone( true );


Exception in thread “main” java.lang.ClassCastException: com.aspose.words.BookmarkEnd cannot be cast to com.aspose.words.CompositeNode at ExtractContentBetweenBookmarks.extractContent(ExtractContentBetweenBookmarks.java:91)

at ExtractContentBetweenBookmarks.main(ExtractContentBetweenBookmarks.java:41)

The same feature is worked well on 13.4 and organization uses the same java code provided by Aspose in order to extract content from Bookmark. Attached the sample documents.

Test_2.docx is working
Test_1.docx is not working.


Please use the following modified extractContent method to fix this issue. Hope this helps you.

public static ArrayList extractContent(Node startNode, Node endNode, boolean isInclusive) throws Exception {
    // First check that the nodes passed to this method are valid for use.
    verifyParameterNodes(startNode, endNode);

    // Create a list to store the extracted nodes.
    ArrayList nodes = new ArrayList();

    // Keep a record of the original nodes passed to this method so we can split marker nodes if needed.
    Node originalStartNode = startNode;
    Node originalEndNode = endNode;

    // Extract content based on block level nodes (paragraphs and tables). Traverse through parent nodes to find them.
    // We will split the content of first and last nodes depending if the marker nodes are inline
    while (startNode.getParentNode().getNodeType() != NodeType.BODY)
        startNode = startNode.getParentNode();

    while (endNode.getParentNode().getNodeType() != NodeType.BODY)
        endNode = endNode.getParentNode();

    boolean isExtracting = true;
    boolean isStartingNode = true;
    boolean isEndingNode;
    // The current node we are extracting from the document.
    Node currNode = startNode;

    // Begin extracting content. Process all block level nodes and specifically split the first and last nodes when needed so paragraph formatting is retained.
    // Method is little more complex than a regular extractor as we need to factor in extracting using inline nodes, fields, bookmarks etc as to make it really useful.
    while (isExtracting) {
        // Clone the current node and its children to obtain a copy.
        if(currNode.getNodeType() == NodeType.EDITABLE_RANGE_START
                || currNode.getNodeType() == NodeType.EDITABLE_RANGE_END)
            currNode = currNode.nextPreOrder(currNode.getDocument());

        CompositeNode cloneNode = null;
        ///cloneNode = (CompositeNode) currNode.deepClone(true);

        Node inlineNode = null;
            cloneNode = (CompositeNode) currNode.deepClone(true);
            if(currNode.getNodeType() == NodeType.BOOKMARK_END)
                Paragraph paragraph = new Paragraph(currNode.getDocument());
                cloneNode = (CompositeNode)paragraph.deepClone(true);

        isEndingNode = currNode.equals(endNode);

        if (isStartingNode || isEndingNode) {
            // We need to process each marker separately so pass it off to a separate method instead.
            if (isStartingNode) {
                processMarker(cloneNode, nodes, originalStartNode, isInclusive, isStartingNode, isEndingNode);
                isStartingNode = false;

            // Conditional needs to be separate as the block level start and end markers maybe the same node.
            if (isEndingNode) {
                processMarker(cloneNode, nodes, originalEndNode, isInclusive, isStartingNode, isEndingNode);
                isExtracting = false;
        } else
            // Node is not a start or end marker, simply add the copy to the list.

        // Move to the next node and extract it. If next node is null that means the rest of the content is found in a different section.
        if (currNode.getNextSibling() == null && isExtracting) {
            // Move to the next section.
            Section nextSection = (Section) currNode.getAncestor(NodeType.SECTION).getNextSibling();
            currNode = nextSection.getBody().getFirstChild();
        } else {
            // Move to the next node in the body.
            currNode = currNode.getNextSibling();

    // Return the nodes between the node markers.
    return nodes;

Thank you So much !!! @tahir.manzoor