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Extract data as well images of following file format .ttf- .dwg -.indd- .fm- .pmd- .p65- .ppt- .odt and .xls

Hi All,
We want to know is there any one sdk which will support for extracting content (data) as well as images from the following format given below.
.ttf, .dwg ,.indd, .fm, .pmd, .p65, .ppt, .odt and .xls
.indd= File Type Indesign Document Developer Adobe Systems
.fm= File Type FrameMaker Document Developer Adobe Systems
.pmd= File Type PageMaker Document Developer Adobe Systems
.p65= File Type PageMaker 6.5 Document Developer Adobe Systems
.ppt= File Type PowerPoint Presentation Developer Microsoft
.ttf = File Type TrueType Font Developer Apple
.dwg= File Type AutoCAD Drawing Database File Developer Autodesk
.odt= File Type OpenDocument Text Document Developer Oracle
.xls= File Type Excel Spreadsheet Developer Microsoft
which we will apply on application(web based),
Please provide one solution for all.
if is it possible so provide a sample SDk so we will check at our end.

Satish Singh


Well, you have to use different products (in Aspose.Total package) to support some of your needs and there is no single product/SDK to support all of your needs. Also, not all your mentioned file formats are supported by Aspose.

I am a representative of Aspose.Cells and will guide you related to Excel (XLS) related queries.

To extract data from Excel workbook/sheet, you may save Excel file (XLS) to text formats, e.g TXT, Tab Delimited, CSV etc., see the document for your reference:
Moreover, you may also export worksheet data to fill a data table or an array for your needs:

To extract images from the sheet, see the document/article for your reference:

My colleagues from different teams (for their products) will soon help you here regarding different file formats.

Thank you.
Hi Satish,

Thanks for your inquiry. I am a representative of Aspose.Words and will guide you about your Word (ODT) related queries.

Using Aspose.Words you can easily extract data and images from inside your ODT document. Please visit the following documentation links:

Please let us know if you have any more queries.