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How can I extract OMR marks from this image?ppp.zip (2.3 MB)


We have evaluated the shared TIFF image. It was found that the scanned image is bit tilt. A sample OMR template has been created using the image shared by you. We are successfully able to extract the date from sample OMR template. Please try it at your end and update us with your feedback. Link to download the sample OMR template is given below:

ticket.jpg (565.9 KB)

We are not able to extract data with the provided template. We do not know how to extract the date from the sample OMR template. Our objective is to obtain if a field is marked or not.
Thank you.


We are successfully able to extract the data from sample scanned sheet using OMR template editor and using code. Visit the following links for details to format the OMR template and to extract OMR data. Please try again at your end and update us with your feedback.

Extracting and Managing OMR
Formatting and Manipulating OMR

160644_OMR_template_Results2.jpg (129.8 KB)
160644_OMR_template_Results.jpg (249.2 KB)

After performing several tests with version 17.6 we have not been able to extract data, we decided to download the previous version (17.3) and we extracted the data. We would also like to know that scanning DPI is correct when defining a template in OMR template Editor. Thank you


It is always recommended to use the latest version of the APIs. The latest version contains new features and fixes for any issues reported by our customers. Furthermore we offer fixes and support only for latest version. In case you are facing issues with the latest version, please forward us the details. We will look into it and update you about our findings.

For DPI of the scanned image, it is recommended that scanned sheet image should have 300 DPI.

This is an simple example and not work with last version.ExampleLastVersion.zip (1.4 MB)


We have evaluated the sample OMR template provided by you. We are able to extract the data from the scanned sheet. screenshot of the result and updated OMR template is attached for your reference.
160644_4_OMR_template_Results.jpg (253.6 KB)
160644_ExampleLastVersion.zip (1.4 MB)

LastVersion01.PNG (376.3 KB)

After trying again to extract data with the provided template we do not obtain data. Is there any software required to run the latest version of Aspose.OCR ?. Attach Bin installation folder to let us verify that the dll are correct and screen the results.

Folder Bin:



There are no special requirements to run the OMR template editor tool. Further, we have evaluated the bin folder shared by you. It is the same as we have with us. We have tested the tool by executing it on different Windows OS. It executed fine and extracted the results.

Already solved


Thank you for update. It is good to know that the issue has been resolved.