Extract information about whether the font is "serif"

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Could you please clarify, how can be possible extract information about the Font, does it contain “serif”?

Unfortunately Font object doesn’t contain this info.

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Could you please share some more detail about your requirement along with sample input PDF and code example to reproduce the same issue at our end? We will investigate the issue and provide you more information on it.

To determine whether a font contains “serif” or not, you typically need to analyze the characteristics of the font itself. The Font object, by itself, may not directly provide this information. However, there are alternative approaches you can take to extract information about the font and determine if it has serifs. Here are a few methods:

1. You can use machine learning techniques to classify fonts based on their visual characteristics, such as the presence or absence of serifs. By training a model on a labeled dataset of serif and sans-serif fonts, you can build a classifier that predicts whether a given font belongs to either category.

2. Some font files contain metadata that can provide information about their characteristics, including whether they are serif or sans-serif. This metadata can be accessed using specialized font libraries or tools that can read and extract information from font files.

3. Fonts consist of individual glyphs, which are the graphical representations of characters. Serif fonts typically have small decorative strokes at the end of each glyph, while sans-serif fonts lack these strokes. By analyzing the individual glyphs in a font, you can infer whether it has serifs or not.

4. Utilize font rendering libraries or frameworks that provide more extensive font analysis capabilities. These libraries may offer APIs or methods to extract font attributes, including serif information.


Thanks for sharing such information as it would help others with the similar case.