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Can Aspose.Network extract pst and create pst? If possible, can you supply a sample code? If not possible, will this feature be available for future Aspose.network? Thank you.


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Currently, we do not support pst files. We are analyzing whether this feature would be included in future releases and will inform you here.

Could you please tell us more about your requirements?

I wanted to be able to extract a .pst file to become individual .msg files. I need to know data such as create date, last modified date, sent date, receive date, and other data related to the targeted .msg. Also, create a .pst file from a set of .msg files.

Was this functionality every built in?

I would like to do the same thing (extract PST to MSG files).


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I am sorry, we do not support PST file format yet.


We are still working on the PST file format export feature. Hopefully, we can release it in the coming 2 months.


A PST extraction product would be extremely useful to my dev team, as we currently rely heavily on MAPI to perform PST and MSG extraction – which has performance and scalability issues.

Is there a beta program we could participate in for this feature?


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I will check with our development team if its possible to provide a beta version.

Hey all, has there been any movement on this thread? I would be very interested in PST Extractor functionality provided by Aspose. I would also be willing to provide beta testing feedback if desired.


I am sorry, the PST file support is not yet available. We will notify you as soon as there is some progress.

The latest version of Aspose.Network now supports reading PST files and extracting messages from PST to disk in MSG format. Please download the latest version from [here](http://www.aspose.com/community/files/51/.net-components/aspose.network-for-.net/entry245926.aspx).

For documentation and code samples, please visit

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