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Extract text from first page of pdf file

i m reading pdf file and i want to extract text from first page of pdf file which has greatest font size…anyone who can help me plz do tell…thanx Rizwan

Dear rizwanqau,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Extract text is support now , You can refer to here:

and you can set StartPage and EndPage just like this:

extractor.StartPage = 1;
extractor.EndPage = 1;

Any question is welcome.

Thanks but problem is still there that how can i find bigger size text from a given page.And is there any facility that i can extract selected words/chracters not whole text in a page.plz do reply.thank you.

Extracting specifically text such as bigger font text and selected words/chracters are not supported now. We are planning to support extract text in a given rectangle.

then tell me what should i do alternatively?


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Sorry we can't find a work around for your requirement. To save your time, please look at other products.