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Extract text from image - Language=German - Not 100% correct

Hallo there,
at first: Aspose OCR works a lot faster than other products, that I have tested. That is good news.
But: There are some words, that are not recognized very good.
E.g. AsPose extracts
handle but it should be handelt
folaenden but it should be folgenden
sonddrn but it should be sondern
Särmtliche but it should be Sämtliche
archivierl but it should be archiviert
zuageordnet but it should be zugeordnet
Posteinaana but it should be Posteingang

Do you have an explanation for this?
Warm regards, Gerd


Could you please share a sample image with us so that we can test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly. Also, please confirm in which platform you are using the API e.g. .NET/Java.

Hello, yes, I can. Please look at the attachment. This product is really good. If I can help to make it more better, please let me know. But now we can not use it, because too many faults, I hope we can fix this. Bildschirmfoto3.png (318.4 KB)


Thanks for sharing the sample file.

Would you please also provide the information above. We will further proceed to assist you accordingly.

MacOs 11.1 / Java


The support for European Languages is yet to be implemented in the API and it is a work in progress. We intend to provide support for Chinese as well as European Language Recognition in this year. Furthermore, a ticket as OCRJAVA-103 has been logged in our issue tracking system for your case. We will further investigate it and let you know as soon as it is resolved. Please give us some time.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Dear Asad, no problem and don’t think too much about this. I am convinced, that you succeed. I will be watching the progress. If I can contribute something, please let me know. I would be glad to contribute, because I am retired and I appreciate your product.


Thanks for your kind feedback.

The task to add support for the languages under question is ongoing and we will surely update this forum thread once it is completed. You can post your suggestions and other requirements as well in this forum thread in case you have some. We will surely consider and include them in the ongoing process.


We have made improvements in 21.2 version that will be published next week. The recognition result would be better in mentioned version.