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Extracting text from word file using Java

Can you please help me in extracting the text from a word file?
For example, if I have
Illustration reference:
as a line in Doc file.
I want to extract ILLUSTRATION_REF from the line & put it into a List.
Let me know if it is possible using Aspose.Word.
If Yes then please send me the example code.

Thanks for your request. You can do that using Replace method and ReplaceEvaluator. I already provided you such method. Please see the following link:
You should use ReplaceEvaluator like the following:

public class ReplaceTagsEvaluator implements ReplaceEvaluator
    public int replace(Object sender, ReplaceEvaluatorArgs e) throws Exception
        // Get matched values
        String fieldName = e.getMatch().group(1);
        String fieldFormat = e.getMatch().group(3);
        // Here you can put values into the list instead of printing they out.
        return ReplaceAction.SKIP;

Hope this helps.
Best regards

Thanks for your help.
I was just wondering if we you had some other method (Direct Api method)
Anyways thanks for the quick reply.