Extremely long time to Save file



I am generating an Excel file with 5 sheets in it.

In average it takes around 4 seconds to generate the Excel file from scratch with the Aspose.Excel component.

However when I save the file on my disk it takes around 45 seconds!

The command I use to save is the following :

excel.Save( FullPathFileName, FileFormatType.Excel2003 );

Any idea what is the problem ?

thank you,



Hi Fred,

Please zip your project and generated file, then post them here. I will check how to optimize it.


By the way, do you use the latest version? We optimized save performance since v3.4.2.


I found the problem.

The formatting was the part that was taking too long.

I placed the formatting in a template instead and now it is fast!


You can also check http://www.aspose.com/Wiki/default.aspx/Aspose.Excel/FormatRoutine.html .

Creating Style objects and assign them to cells with same formattings can also speed up the program.