Failed to Set the Row Height for a Table in PowerPoint Presentation in Java

I am loading a ppt template which has a table in one of its slide.

Based on the data, I am adding 2 rows to the table by duplicating the already existing row and then setting the row height to a minimal height for the first row added. But it is not setting the height of the row with the provided row height.

Sharing the example code for reference:-

Suppose the table reference has one row with a certain height say 30.
numberOfRows is sent as 2.
rowIndex is sent as 0.

public void addRowsToTable(Table table, int rowIndex, int numberOfRows) {
    for (int row = 0; row < numberOfRows; row++) {
        table.getRows().addClone(table.getRows().get_Item(rowIndex), false);

How can I set the row to a specific height as I do not see any other utility function apart from “setMinimalHeight”.

Please confirm me whether it is the limitation of Aspose.Slides or do i have to set any other property.

With Regards,
Ganesh Agarwal

Thank you for contacting support.

Please check your results using the latest version of Aspose.Slides for Java if possible. If the issue persists, please share the following additional files and information:

  • presentation file with the initial table
  • complete standalone code example
  • output presentation file with the final table
  • .NET target platform in your app
  • Aspose.Slides version you used